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Monday, November 12, 2007

eat me not

My new entry on psc contest :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


At last I’m home I was able to spend quality time with my family which for me is great.
I was able to bring smile to my mama and papa as there last sibling had gone home.
(ni uli na intawon)

For me home means a lot, a time to relax gain more sleep and watch more movies chatting with my parents and sharing all stuff from work to the happenings on our place some sort of updates since I spend most of my time away from home.

But spending for a couple of days home made me feel sluggish since I don’t have access to my daily routine since I don’t have computer at home I sleep and wake up on my computer so there’s a little adjustment. It seems to me I miss a lot I can’t study I can’t work my sidelines(hehehehe) I can’t even play games 

But the good side on this I have enough time writing stuff that I’m not used to do.
I’m not a good writer but I do know in my own little way to do it (buot2x style)

One morning on my home vacation I drove my bike taking few kilometers away from home hoping it can burn an ounce of fats on my tummy (pagamay tiyan hehehe) heading to the seashore on our town.

As I drive by I passed a couple of fisherman carrying fishing nets who’s also heading to my direction. I overheard them talking about how great last night and how happy they are and it seem they are contented on what they have and a life they live in. Maybe one of them had a big catch last night. (nagkilawin sila cguro)

As I slowly move my legs and strike the pedal of my bike I’m thinking why this people think so little and contented on their situation. But at the back of my mind thinking that what if this fisherman don’t exist can I still eat fish? (hehehehe)
It really sounds funny to me since it lead me to think of my younger days were literally I do fishing for food .
But I can blame nobody to the situation people live in cause we have different ideas and mindset. I remember one author said that “success is a state of mind” and not even two wise man can define success in the same way. So they have there on definition of success and so do I . So if they are happy and feel successful for what they have I think the best way for me to do is to rejoice and be happy with them.

Then I realized that it’s a fact of life.
GOD has assign us on different areas whither you’re a doctor, fisherman, farmer, engineer, programmer, accountant etc. each and everyone has a purpose and I think theirs no such thing that you should be proud of that made you think that you are better than the other because everyone of us has a reason and of course its only our decision on how to do it in a better way.

And I think the rule of the thumb is in everything you do, do it the best way you can in that way you will become a mountain nor shrink to a grain of sand and you will be successful.


It's an election time again a time to choose a person
to handle the governance of our barangay.
Since it’s a barangay election it sounds to me a peaceful one
since most of the candidate are already familiar to us.

But the night before the election as I watched a movie around 11pm there were 3 guys knocking on our gate since we don’t have doorbell. And only me and my
father awaked I opened the window and watched as my father approached them.

One of the guy approached my father don't have an upper shirt
and carrying a gun and it really alarmed me.

So I turn down the volume of the TV to be able to hear there conversation.
Then of course as what we can expect vote buying happened,
then my father refused the offer but they insist and they even said
"just to keep away from trouble we better take it" and that moment
I really don’t know what to do, maybe because they were
Then after my father took the envelop they were gone.
As I was so alarmed by the situation I immediately
took the envelop and look directly inside on it,
to my surprised it contained 3 names of a candidate
and an amount of 30 pesos, I was stunned a moment
and I don’t know my reaction, I want to laugh and call
those guys again and gave them 1,000 each and tell them
to stay home with there family.

My father took the risk for 30 pesos What the !!!
At the end of the election we did not vote any of the
names on the envelop.