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Friday, December 28, 2007

Media Party

People that are close to my heart!
That's what media ministry means to me.
This sounds so gay but its true to me, I've been in this ministry for almost 8 years.
These faces here are still kid at that time, like me.
(Ohhh maybe your thinking that im old im not it just so happen that i enter the group at early age hehe)
During those times we are also grateful we did our best and we are able to reach out people using the
And at that time, every christmas party we are involved, coz we need to cover everything and of course
(busog permi sad me). But the only difference is that we don't have a party with our own since we are
only 3 in the ministry the father the son and the spirit. (hehehe.)

As years gone by around 2003, i think if im not mistaken the media personnel mutated and duplicated
(hehehe). We have an additional member of the group.

Life in the ministry continues and during those times, i feel asleep, i just let the ministry grow not considering
myself to be part of it.
And to tell you being away from the group is not worth to be proud of, i know i did great on other aspects but
its different when you belong to a group who's heart is willing to sacrifice for the others.

So i made a very very nice decision in life it may not be nice to others (hehehe) but i know in god's eye
it is. And i found a new batch of media people who are full of talents, ideas, beauty (napun-an kay nibalik man ko hehe)
passion, love, faith and courage.
The leaders change the group also change we encounter problems during those transitions but GOD is really good
we were able to surpass it.
And now we are looking forward for the best media people to serve and willing to sacrifice to reach out people thru this ministry.

GOD BLESS ALL! Happy new year.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

photo editing

playing around with photoshop. :)

from my previous pulaw post nagbunga jud intawon hehehe.
the team that uses my props won the contest, it may not be bcoz of the props but they told me it helps a lot praise god :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


hahay bisan duka na cge pintal lang ghapon.
trabaho sa gabii trabaho sa buntag sakto pani. hehee

pero para nako sakto ra ghapon ni kay sa wala kay gtrabaho mas maau nang maanad imong lawas sa trabaho kay sa tapol.
hinoon dli lang sad nato pabayaan atong kaugalingon na hangtud nalang magkasakit na noon ta, importante ghapon atong lawas kay unsaon man nato kon wala tay lawas, (can you imagine that) wala kay lawas saonz nalang.

I'm doing this project para sa backdrop sa primary structure na party at least naka palipay sad ko ug tawo karong buwana ug labaw sa tanan na lipay sad ko ani trabaho-a.