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Friday, April 29, 2011

Unmerited Favor!

I was invited by a friend of mine to join this business.
And since it only took about 5-10% of my time so i tried it even i did not fully understand how this business works.

All I know its a loading business in which almost all people need it.
So product and market wise its very good dako na kaau ug market.

So ako gbuhat ni invest ko for dealership.
And by the Grace of God waaaaaahhh na shock ko in 2months time naka earn naku ug dako to think its only a sideline business...

My first income was 500 pesos March 12,2011. By the end of March i earned 4,000, I was not able to screenshot it.

But now i decided na ako i screenshot para ako sad ma track akong income and at the same time maka share sad ko sa opportunity to those gusto sad maka kita ug other source of income.

Pag April 19,20011 mao ni akong income na.

Then the following day daun ana na pun an daun.

Then April 25,2011

Then last check naku karon April 30,2011.

I will keep on posting more updates on how this money making venture can help us.
It's a restful increase.
If your interested just contact me (#09275857056 or email me: )
God bless.